You may turn to Green Products for Hydraulic Fracturing

You may turn to Green Products for Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic fracturing has been the key element of the energy boom in recent years.

The fracking industry has greatly contributed to the US economy. Increased US oil and gas production using fracking techniques meant a sharp decrease in US oil imports and the main reason United States became the world’s leading gas producer.

The fracking industry is a success, but the environmental problems are still present.

The main concerns over the hydraulic fracturing are related to the environment consequences of this technology.

Across the country, many communities and environmental groups have criticized the fracking industry for the potential contamination to ground and surface water, air pollution and migration of fracturing chemicals to the surface, among other reasons.

Most chemical additives used in the fracturing fluid as biocide, gelling agent, crosslinker, corrosion inhibitor, friction reducer or scale inhibitor are harmful and contaminant.

But new solutions are coming. The environmental problems for the fracking industry can be solved through the use of natural additives. Green products for hydraulic fracturing are a reality.

There are new technologies and new sustainable products to replace those harmful chemicals used in the fracking industry for sustainable additives.  

Aloetrade America LLC, a Miami, Fl. based company involved in the aloe business, is now manufacturing several sustainable products and technological solutions for the oil and gas industry. 

Aloetrade America LLC developed and launched the production of new sustainable, eco friendly and biodegradable products for use in the hydraulic fracturing.

The new products include a corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor, biocide, gelling agent, friction reducer as additives for fracturing fluids, and a coagulant and a flocculant for flowback water treatment, all them manufactured from natural polymers.

All products are formulations based on polysaccharides, enzimes and anthraquinones from aloe, nopal, moringa and chitosan.

No harmful chemicals. No toxic to water. No toxic to people. Totally biodegradable. Totally safe for the industry with same results than the harmful chemicals.

All these “green” plant-based formulations are used basically as additives into the fluid in the hydraulic fracturing process, replacing the harmful chemicals used, such as benzene, kerosene, toluene, xylene and formaldehyde. 

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