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New Ideas with Aloe – Plant Based new Ideas

Research, Development and Innovation (R + D + I) are fundamental activities for the successful development of any business organization in the industries or sectors where it participates.

Research is the original and planned investigation that seeks to discover new knowledge and a superior understanding in the scientific and technological field. 

Development is the result of the application of research or any other type of scientific or technological knowledge, for the manufacture of new materials, products, design of new processes or production systems, as well as the substantial technological improvement of those products, production processes or systems. 

Innovation consists of the successful implementation – in the market or within a company – of a new or improved product or process.

All Aloetrade America products are supported with an extensive research, development and innovation process.

In the aloe market, there are a diversity of areas where R & D has traditionally existed. In Aloetrade America we give priority to research and innovate new products based on aloe, to be used in various industrial sectors. 

Aloe can be used as a sustainable solution in different industrial processes that require improvements in environmental care. 

Besides to meet these green requirements, it also involves activities to develop new aloe products to reduce costs, improve profitability or raise productivity in other industries, such as animal nutrition,  fresh produce preservation or green additives for gasoline and diesel, for instance.

We have more than 18 years of experience in research, technological development and innovation programs in the aloe industry. 

All that expertise and know-how is the basis of our Research, Development and Innovation program. Some of our R&D projects ended with formulations of concrete use in industry with TRL-9 levels.

For instance, most of our post harvest and some pre harvest agricultural formulations are now successful products sold by Aloe Eco Park SAPI de CV in Mexico, USA, European Union, China, Middle East and West Africa.

New Ideas with Aloe – Plant Based new Ideas

The areas where Aloetrade America is doing Research + Development + Innovation programs with aloe and other plants and plant based extracts, are the following:

Food Preservation 

  • Products for meat preservation (beef, pork and chicken)
  • Products for seafood preservation (shrimp, bivalves)
  • Products for extension of shelf life in frozen foods


Soil improvement

  • Foliar and root biofertilizers and soil improvers from agricultural wastes


  • Inoculant resistant to droughts and extreme climates
  • Soybean seed inoculant containing nitrogen-fixing bacteria
  • Inoculant for wheat seeds containing nitrogen fixing bacteria.
  • Maize seed inoculant containing nitrogen fixing bacteria
  • Inoculant for sunflower seeds containing nitrogen fixing bacteria
  • Inoculant for barley seeds containing nitrogen fixing bacteria
  • Inoculant for chickpea seeds, bean seeds, pea seeds and peanut seeds
  • Inoculant for rice seeds
  • Sorghum seed inoculant


  • pH corrector with buffering and cation sequestering power
  • Antifoam that improves the operations of agricultural spray equipment
  • Cleaner of spray equipment to apply phytosanitary products / agrochemicals
  • Humectant and dispersant (based on copolymers and silicones or mixtures of silicones, surfactants and aloe surfactant compounds)
  • Herbicide enhancer
  • Coverage and penetration enhancer for herbicides and fungicides for foliar application
  • Adherent and reducer of the superficial tension of the drops of agrochemicals


  • Budding accelerator and dormancy switch based on aloe and plant compounds
  • Soil improver for high saline areas
  • Soil improver + inoculants for drought areas and extreme climates
  • Algae + aloe based biostimulant to increase photosynthesis
  • Solar protector for plants

Animal Nutrition & Care

  • Chicken dietary supplements
  • Cow dietary supplements
  • Horse dietary supplements
  • Pig dietary supplements 
  • Shrimp supplemental feed

Construction Sector 

  • Corrosion inhibitor for concrete

Water Potabilization and Wastewater Treatment Sector

  • Products for water purification
  • Products for desalination plants

Oil and Gas Sector

  • Fluids for Hydraulic Fracturing
  • Additive for gasoline and diesel
  • Lubricating products for combustion engines

Other Areas of Interest

  • Production of Sustainable Batteries
  • Development of organic based memory devices with aloe layer
  • Services of implementation of aloe curtains for the prevention of forest fires

New Projects

Aloetrade America has some new projects in development phase or just in the start up phase. For more details on these ventures, please follow the links on each project:

  • Development of organic based memory devices with aloe layer
  • Fluids for Hydraulic Fracturing
  • Additive for gasoline and diesel
  • Lubricating products for combustion engines
  • Aloe based Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

For more information on our product developments, please write to info (at) or send a message via the Contact section