Why Aloe Products are Green, Sustainable and Care the Environment

Why Aloe Products are Green, Sustainable and Care the Environment?

At Aloetrade America LLC we are fully aware of what it means to be green, sustainable and respectful of the environment, and how it helps to mitigate climate change.

Our aloe crops and our industrial aloe processing activity, as well as all of our aloe products, are fully sustainable.

aloe farms in Mexico

We cultivate a green product, we industrialize it in a sustainable and responsible way, and we deliver to the market technological solutions and totally sustainable products that take care of our planet. Aloe is a perfect ally to minimize climate change.

Both our basic aloe raw materials, as well as our entire portfolio of products for the oil, gas, petrochemical, water treatment, mining and metal transformation industries, are totally sustainable, green, biodegradable and come from fully renewable resources.

From our scale inhibitors, to our coagulants, flocculants, drag reducing agents, friction reducers, contaminated soil remediators and corrosion inhibitors, they are all products that protect and care for the environment.

They are all products made without chemicals, as they are plant extracts that offer identical results to synthetic chemicals that both pollute the environment and affect the people who handle them.

Green products

For all these reasons, we at Aloetrade America believe that aloe is a true ally of Sustainable Development and that we help mitigate the climate change that is affecting us so much on actual times.

aloe vera and climate change

Consider remembering these tips to understand it:

  • Aloe is Green.
  • Aloe is Sustainable.
  • Aloe is a Renewable Resource.
  • Aloe is Biodegradable.
  • Aloe prevents Desertification.
  • Aloe absorbs CO2.
  • Aloe absorbs environmental pollution.
  • Aloe helps mitigate the effects of climate change.
  • Aloe is one of the best allies on our planet.

So remember that the next time you use our aloe-based technology products and solutions, you are helping us to improve the environment in a real and concrete way.

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