Green Products for the Oil and Gas Industry

Green Products for the Oil and Gas Industry

By Ruben Daniel Avaro, CEO and Co-Founder, Aloetrade America LLC

Be Green

Green and sustainability are two words with enormous value within the oil and gas industry. The key issue is how to achieve such green and sustainable results. 

Corporate decisions and wishes to care the environment are the first step, but the real results are obtained when an energy company develops a sustainable strategy and take adequate decisions to improve and care the environment.

One of the possible paths to achieve sustainable goals is to use green products and services in the majority of activities within the industry, be at upstream, midstream or downstream operations.

From production to refining and transportation, there are many ways to implement green practices and use green products and services in the oil and gas industry.

The fracking industry is an example where some environmental friendly actions might be taken, turning a criticized activity into a more green way to obtain oil and gas.

Actually, the key challenges for any oil and gas company are to develop profitable business, but also to care the environment and to improve corporate social responsibility.

As mentioned above, the care of environment requires an improvement in the sustainability of the operations at energy companies, particularly in the areas of exploration, production, transportation and refining.

In the particular case of exploration and production, green solutions are required for both the conventional operations –on shore and off shore- and the unconventional operations -shale gas, shale oil and coal bed methane- obtained through hydraulic fracturing.

The Problem for the Industry

Actually, the majority of chemical products used in drilling, exploration, production, transportation and refining are highly hazardous for the environment.

The oil and gas industry requires green solutions and eco friendly products to reduce or mitigate the problem.

The real solution is the use of natural, sustainable and green products which are neither pollutants nor hazardous, having favorable impact on the environment, including animals, plants and humans.

The Technological Solution of Aloetrade America

During the last decade, Aloetrade America LLC has researched extensively on the properties of several succulents and plants, mostly on aloe, nopal, moringa and other mucilaginous plants, with the aim to create green products and green solutions for the oil and gas industry.

plant based chemicals for oil and gas industry

We have developed a wide range of products for most operations within the industry. Actually, we manufacture and distribute different green products and solutions for upstrem, midstream and downstream operations within oil and gas industry.

The products and solutions give a green alternative to actual methods, since they are neither toxic nor hazardous as the typical chemicals used in such operations.

Main benefits of our green solutions are:

Positive environment impact

Our green products bring a total positive environmental solution to the oil and gas industry. They do not pose harmful substances to environment since they are made from biodegradable, sustainable, renewable and green raw materials.

Higher Efficiency

Our green products show similar or higher efficiency than usual chemical compounds used in the oil and gas industry.

When compared to actual chemicals used in exploration, production, transportation or refining, some of our green products are more efficient because they require lower dosage.

Thus, energy companies require low amounts of products in terms of PPM for corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, biocides or fracking fluids.

Our green products are more efficient than actual chemicals used, because they offer low lose ratio compared to such chemicals.

Furthermore, in non conventional oil and gas industry, our green products are more efficient because they substitute two or three ingredients in the fracking fluid.

For instance, our products may be combined as replacement of scale inhibitor and a friction reducer agent.  

Wide Use in the Industry

Our green products can be used in most areas into the energy industry, whether in exploration, production, transportation or refineries.

In the production area, our solutions can be used in different environments.

The corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor, biocide for instance, can be used in brown fields (mature fields), non conventional reservoirs (shale gas, shale oil, coalbed methane, tight gas sands), wells with artificial lift, wells with thermal recovery and off shore fields, among other cases. 

In fact, our green solutions can be used in primary, secondary and tertiary recovery.

Efficient Materials for Production Wells, Drilling Fluids and Fracking Fluids

Our green products are highly efficient in the production wells, be on shore or off shore, conventional and non conventional industry.

In the production wells, our products

  • Are compatible with the rest of drilling fluid materials
  • Are compatible with other fracking fluid materials
  • Show high transport capacity of proppants or muds 
  • Have lower prices than usual chemicals in terms of PPM and efficiency 

As a result of such efficiency, energy companies have some advantages, such as 

  • Lower cost of operations
  • Reduced consumption of fluid ingredients
  • Lower costs of transportation
  • Lower pumping costs
  • Lower logistic processes at wells and fields

Sustainable Products

Our green products and solutions increases the sustainability value to the oil and gas industry.

Our sustainability strength comes from diverse factors, such as:

  • Very few materials are used to manufacture our green products
  • Low energy consumption for manufacturing processes
  • Low water consumption for cultivation and processing 
  • No greenhouse gases are generated by cultivation and processing aloe
  • Aloe and cactus production does not affect biodiversity
  • Aloe is CO2 sequestrant
  • Aloe avoids desertification of the land
  • Our industrial process does not generate wastes or spills
  • Our products do not contaminate aquifers or ground waters
  • Flocculant properties help to mitigate the water contamination caused by other hazardous materials and harmful chemicals
  • Biodegradable and non toxic products means lower air contamination for humans in the oil and gas fields
Green products

We expect an important growth in consumption of our green products in energy sector in the near future.

It will be a good measurement tool of how the oil and gas industry will be more and more involved in sustainability improvement.

We are proud to contribute with oil and gas industry to care the environment. That means to care the Earth. That means to care the place where we all live.

For more information on our green solutions, please visit the Oil and Gas Industry page