Green biocides for microbial growth at oil and gas industry

Green biocides for microbial growth at oil and gas industry

The Problem

In the oil and gas industry, the development and operation of an oilfield usually is affected by undesired microbial growth. The development and operation of a well is usually affected by unwanted microbial growth.

The microbial contamination may occur when well is being drilled, when the well is being stimulated or when the well is in production phase.

Frequently, the operations in the oilfield are developed under anaerobic environments, thus favoring the proliferation of sulphate-reducing bacteria (SRB). 

Uncontrolled growth and activity of sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) in oilfield systems can create safety, environmental and operational problems such as microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC), solids production and biogenic hydrogen sulfide (H2S) generation.

The production of H2S leads to problems such as increased corrosion, iron sulfide formation, reservoir souring, higher operating costs, reduced revenue, and constitutes a serious environmental and health hazard.

Its occurrence may cause the early abandonment of many oil and gas reservoirs by increased costs, reduced revenue, and environmental concerns. In many cases reservoirs which initially did not contain sulfide have become sour as a result of operations.

This progressive increase in sulfide levels is most notable in reservoirs which were flooded with sea water. It is now known that such increasing sulfide concentrations are a result of the biogenic formation of sulfide.

This biogenic sulfide generation results from the metabolic activities of the anaerobic Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (SRB) which reduce sulfate to sulfide.

Such uncontrolled microbial growth requires different treatments and different biocides. 

The Technological Solution

Studies have shown that a group of structurally-related simple derivatives of 9,10-anthraquinone are bacteriostatic to SRB at micromolar concentrations.

Anthraquinone is generally non-toxic to plants and animals and is chemically inert in the presence of the typical constituents in a biofilm.

It therefore can transport quite easily into the biofilm on a pipe or vessel wall, contacting the SRB without reduction in its concentration. 

Although biocides are intended to be bactericidal, regrowth of bacterial biofilms is a pervasive problem.

The reality of most biocides is that they are not only functionally bacteriostatic in the treatment of biofilms, but that they are also broadly toxic to higher life forms.

Anthraquinone treatments are bacteriostatic in nature, but lacking the broad toxicity of biocides such as gluteraldehyde or strong oxidizers. 

Bacteria other than SRB may also be harmful in oilfield water systems and should be controlled with conventional biocides.

Consequently, anthraquinone treatments are designed in these applications to be used as a supplement to extend the frequency of traditional biocide treatments.

In addition, if only H2S control is required, such as in an oil terminal where H2S generation in water separated from crude oil causes disposal problems, anthraquinone treatments themselves are effective.

Our Green Solution

Our technological solution is a biocide made from natural plants extracts, polysaccharides and anthraquinones.

There are different studies and investigations developed by several research centers and universities, showing the effectiveness of aloe as biocide, and the effectiveness of certain aloe compounds to attack the bacterial growth.

ALOECIDE™ and ALOECIDE PLUS™  are a proprietary formulation, a natural biocide made from aloe barbadensis miller and aloe ferox extracts and other natural compounds.

ALOECIDE™ and ALOECIDE PLUS™  biocides contain a blend of 9,10 anthraquinone compounds obtained from aloe, and are to be used to complement traditional biocides to eliminate bacteria.

Aloe derived anthraquinones are very well known for their antibacterial and antifungal properties, the basics of a biocide. 

ALOECIDE™ and ALOECIDE PLUS™ are environmentally friendly aloe based products for use as biocide supplement in many operations at oil & gas industry and petrochemical plants.

They were developed to offer an environmentally friendly product and a new “green” option for the bacteria problem in these industries. 

ALOECIDE™ and ALOECIDE PLUS™  are green products manufactured by Maken Proyectos Industriales SA de CV in Mexico and distributed by Aloetrade America at local and foreign markets.

Both are sustainable products based on aloe anthraquinones, for its use as biocide supplement at oil and gas industry.

For more information about our green biocide please contact us or visit the Specific Product Page.