Green Flocculant for produced water at fracking industry

Green Flocculant for produced water at fracking industry

The Problem

The fracking fluid contains many harmful, toxic and hazardous chemicals that contaminate freshwater aquifers and water reservoirs, with high risks for the environment, mostly human beings, plants and animals.

In the unconventional oil and gas drilling operations, the use of millions of gallons of water, sand and other chemicals, creates a severe problem with the residual waste water generated by such process. 

The main concern is the toxicity of chemicals used in the hydraulic fracturing fluids.

After the fracking job, water must be recovered, treated and recycled or disposed of, in accordance to federal and/or state regulations.

Commonly, the waste water by-products are known as “flowback” (fracturing fluid injected into a gas well that returns to the surface when drilling pressure is released) and “produced water” (all waste water emerging from the well after production begins, much of which is salty water contained within the shale formation). 

Both types of waste water contain potentially harmful pollutants, including salts, organic hydrocarbons (sometimes referred to simply as oil and grease), inorganic and organic additives, and naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM).

These pollutants can be dangerous if they are released into the environment or if people are exposed to them. They can be toxic to humans and aquatic life, radioactive, or corrosive.

They can damage ecosystem health by depleting oxygen or causing algal blooms, or they can interact with disinfectants at drinking water plants to form cancer-causing chemicals.

The Technological Solutions

There are five basic options to manage waste water generated during the production of natural gas from shale formations: 

  • minimization of produced water generation
  • recycling and reuse within gas drilling operations
  • treatment
  • disposal
  • beneficial reuse outside of operations

On-site options associated with minimization, recycling, and reuse are used mostly for water during the flowback period; off-site treatment and disposal methods dominate the management of produced water. 

Our Green Solution

Our green solution is an aloe based formula with flocculant properties, mostly used in the processes of recycling/reuse and treatment of waste waters.


There are different studies and investigations developed by Aloetrade America LLC and other research centers and universities worldwide, showing the effectiveness of aloe as flocculant in waste water treatment. 

FLOCGREEN™ is a green product made with technology and know how from Aloetrade America LLC, manufactured in Mexico and distributed by Aloetrade America at local and foreign markets. It is a green and environmentally friendly aloe based product for use as flocculant in the treatment of the waste water generated by hydraulic fracturing when performed at unconventional oil and gas drilling operations. 

FLOCGREEN™ is a flocculant to treat frac flowback and produced water in the fracking industry. It was developed to offer an environmentally friendly product and a new “green” option for flocculation in hydraulic fracturing operations in the oil and gas industry. 

FLOCGREEN™ is the appropriate solution for the waste water treatment after hydraulic fracturing jobs, because it has excellent flocculation effects.  FLOCGREEN™ is a natural product made from natural cactus mucilage, moringa extract and aloe vera compounds.

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