Green Additives are the Best Option for Fracturing Fluids

Green Additives are the Best Option for Fracturing Fluids

It is well known that most of the additives used in fracturing fluids are very harmful and pollutant, with adverse consequences on the environment. 

Chemicals used in the hydraulic fracturing fluids are intended to treat adequately the producing formation. But as you know, most of those chemicals and compounds are very hazardous, toxic and contaminants.

Most people and NGOs opposing hydraulic fracturing activities, take the chemicals used in the process as the main argument to condemn the fracking industry in many countries.

Therefore, the green additives are the best option for fracturing fluids. 

Our company manufactures and distributes aloe based green and sustainable products for the fracking industry.

They are identical products, with same results, but green solutions manufactured with renewable resources and not harmful for people and the environment.

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Let´s see how green products can make the difference.

  • Our green solutions are able to transport the propping agent in the fracture without any difficulty, as any other chemical used.
  • Our green solutions are compatible with the formation rock and fluid.
  • Our green products help to create enough pressure drop along the fracture to create a wide fracture.
  • We offer green solutions to reduce and minimize friction pressure losses during injection.
  • Our green products does not require approvals since they are plant extracts.
  • Our green solutions can be used with controlled viscosity fluid for cleanup after the treatment.
  • Our green products are totally cost-effective in comparison to harmful chemicals.

For more information on our additives for fracking please visit the Solutions for Fracking page