Innovation in aloe products and disruptive technologies make a positive contribution to climate change

Innovation in aloe products and disruptive technologies make a positive contribution to climate change

What is Aloe Vera? The name Aloe vera comes from the Arabic word “Alloeh” meaning “shining bitter substance” while “vera” means “true” in Latin. 

Today, most people think of Aloe Vera in beverages -an aloe drink for example- or cosmetics, such as a moisturizing aloe cream or a post solar aloe gel.

But in the last ten years, a lot of innovation from aloe came to our lives.

Everybody knows about the benefits from the aloe compounds to human beings. 

The idea was to replicate those benefits and properties to the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms, creating aloe based formulations as new solutions to common problems, or new products for same applications, but with greener compounds than older chemical based solutions.

The world needs greener solutions. And we work hard for such objective.

All our formulations and products are greener than their similar chemical solutions.

No pollutants.

No harmful chemicals.

No toxic for humans, plants or animals.

Fully beneficial to biodiversity.

And a high impact on GHG emissions, which in turn means a green and positive contribution to climate change.

We have developed disruptive technologies. How? Some examples:

We use certain compounds of aloe to formulate coatings for fresh produce instead of petroleum based waxes is great news for the environment and for climate change.

We use aloe as a base for adjuvants to enhance the fertilizers in large crops. While this aloe based product benefits the farmers with higher yields, there are advantages to the environment and carbon emissions.

To use aloe as ingredient in plant based meat, is an enormous help to savings in GHG emissions.

The use of aloe based green additives in fracking fluids are of great benefits to the oil & gas companies and the population involved in their areas of operation.

Are our disruptive technologies easy to implement and use? Yes!

1. Our ideas and new products does not represent a major change in final products.

What we change is the raw material, not the final product.

A friction reducer is a friction reducer, but our solution is made from a green material, made from plant extracts, not from a pollutant chemical, and does not affect people using it.

But the results, costs and operation are the same. Just a “healthier” solution to the industry.

2. The cost of implementation is the same than conventional products.

No more. Similar costs, similar operations.

No hidden costs. The eco friendly approach is our North in all cases, at same cost.

3. The audience is not pressured to change. Always there is a resistance to change.

But day by day, month by month, year by year, most people and organizations are turning to simple, natural and greener solutions.

The change is inevitable. 

4. There may be negative feelings about the product, as the first emotion.

But at the end, the change to new ideas is positive and surpass the negative approach. 

We feel comfortable with the frictions our ideas may create in the people and the organizations, since they fuel our mind and exercise our creativity and innovation too.

Feel free to explore our pages and discover all our disruptive technologies from aloe we have to offer you and your organization.

Thank you for your time to read our ideas.