Green Solution to Lost Circulation of Drilling Fluids

Green Solution to Lost Circulation of Drilling Fluids – The Problem

Lost circulation of drilling fluids has been a problem since the earliest days of well drilling. 

When lost circulation occurs, sealing the loss zone is necessary. 

Many methods have been tried to solve the problem, restoring circulation which vary to some extend in accordance with the types of porosity encountered.

Thus, many materials have been used as additives for preventing lost circulation.

Most common methods is the use of sealing or plugging agents in the drilling mud for bridging pores or fissures of the sub-surface formation. 


Our Green Solution

We have developed an innovative solutions that can quickly cure a lost circulation incident and allows the operator to resume drilling in a short time.

Our ALOECUREFRAC™ formulation is a combination of different technologies but with sustainable resources.

Our solution is not hazardous to operators, which means a high social responsibility approach and it is totally sustainable with the environment, since renewable plants extracts and pure natural resources are mostly used in the formulations.

For instance, aloe is a renewable resource, since it is obtained from a plant, with minimum carbon footprint.

We offer two different solutions with our ALOECUREFRAC™ product.

1. Temporary Solution 

This formulation is the solution when it is required to seal permeable zones by plugging pores at wellbore face, where such sealing is temporary, and it may require be disolved later by acid treatments.

This formulation uses a combination of calcium carbonate mixed with ALOECUREFRAC™ -an aloe based polysaccharides and aloe based cellulose formula.

Aloe based polysaccharides in liquid form, gives viscoelastic properties, acting as a plasticizer and mixer for all compounds, in conjunction with water.

Aloe wet pellets obtained from aloe rind are used as cellulose and contributes to block the openings in the wellbore.

The use of both components avoid the lost circulation of drilling fluid, and later may be disintegrated when acid is applied.

Alternatively, calcium carbonate can be mixed with ALOECUREFRAC™ and unexpanded perlite, to obtain a stronger sealing compound. 

2. Permanent Solution

This formulation is the solution when it is required to seal permeable zones by plugging pores at wellbore face, where such sealing must be permanent and not disolved. 

This formulation is a combination of unexpanded perlite and/or portland cement and/or pumicite, mixed with ALOECUREFRAC™.

A good synergy is obtained when hydraulic cement is used with pumicite and unexpanded perlite.

Perlite is an ore, a volcanic, amorphous siliceous rock.

The addition of unexpanded perlite to hydraulic cement and/or pumicite may provide unexpected increases in compressive strengths.

The unexpanded perlite may be particularly suited for use at elevated well bore temperatures.

Furthermore, unexpanded perlite is used as a replacement of Portland cement, because it is a cheaper option and shows a reduced carbon footprint.

These compositions may also comprise pumicite, a volcanic rock that shows cementitious properties.

The Aloe Based Solution

Aloe vera has enormous amount of research, and on field validation of its efficacy and use in several industries.

There are more than 4,000 researches, investigations, papers and reports where aloe vera compounds have demonstrated and validated all their properties and benefits within oil and gas, mining, petrochemical, soil and wastewater treatment industries. 

In the particular case of oil and gas sector, ALOETRADE AMERICA LLC has developed  several aloe based solutions for the industry, such as scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, flow improver, drag reducing agent, coagulant, flocculant, biocide, drilling mud treatment formulation, bioremediation solution for oil spills contaminated soil, among others.

All these formulations are based on plant extracts and are totally cost effective, green and sustainable, since they are not chemical compounds but natural extracts, from renewable resources. 

Calcium carbonate and unexpanded perlite are also materials with some research and patents which validates their use in oil and gas industry.

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