Origin of Aloes

Origin of Aloes

Aloe is a plant with more than 360 varieties and presents several origins, but the most recognised is probably Aloe Barbadensis, better known as Aloe Vera.

Although most Aloes have medicinal properties it is this particular variety that has taken the west by storm in recent years.

The aloe vera (aloe barbadensis miller) is native of the Mediterranean region (South of Europe and North Africa), whereas the aloe ferox, the aloe saponaria and the aloe arborescens are original of southern Africa. 

The aloe vera has a habitat in Egypt, South Africa and the Caribbean, whereas the aloe saponaria has it in Zimbabwe and South Africa, as well as the aloe ferox and the aloe arborescens

Other popular varieties are the aloe chinensis, aloe socotrina, aloe turkanensis, aloe secundiflora and aloe perryi, among other aloes less known to the common people. All of them are of African origin or from the Arabian peninsula.