Aloetrade International Production and Sourcing

Aloetrade International Production and Sourcing –  Aloe Production

Aloetrade America LLC produces, manufactures and distributes aloe products sourced from several origins.


Most aloe products are manufactured in Mexico with aloe growers and processors located in Tamaulipas and Sonora states, where Aloetrade America LLC is either a shareholder with other local investors in a manufacturing facility or has manufacturing and commercial agreements with other suppliers.

Mexican lands have excellent aptitude for the growth of the aloe plant, which added to the full sun of Mexico and the adequate dosage of water and nutrients for the growth of the plant, generate aloe leaves of excellent quality.

It means a high quality of raw material for most of our aloe based formulations. It means high nutritional value for the consumer of our aloe leaves. 

Our aloe leaves contain high amounts of polysaccharides, but also fibers, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, making them an excellent source of nutrition for consumers. 

Our aloe plants means high quality products and excellent value for the final user and the consumer.


Aloetrade America is sourced with aloe vera (aloe barbadensis miller), aloe chinensis and aloe saponaria varieties from several plantations in Argentina. Some of our formulations use such aloe varieties and we get them from the argentine aloe plantations located in Cordoba, Santa Fe, Chaco and Santiago del Estero provinces. 

Our controlled aloe plantation is established in the San Francisco-Frontera area, in the intersection of Cordoba and Santa Fe provinces. 

Main reasons of the highest quality of our aloe plants are:

  • We have a high level of development and technological innovation in our aloe plantations. Our aloe plantations were developed with GPS, and it has automated irrigation systems, irrigation software, agricultural drones image data for plantation monitoring and complete plant traceability. 
  • We are located in the middle of Argentina and at the center of agricultural production, thus facilitating our production and processing of our aloe based products. 
  • We have guaranteed water supply all year, either from natural raining or from wells assigned to our farms.


Aloetrade America is sourced with aloe arborescens miller from a plantation located in Uruguay. 


Aloetrade America is sourced with aloe plants, aloe juices and aloe leaves from a plantation located in Almería, Spain.