Aloe is a good business in Italy

by Daniel Avaro, CEO, Aloetrade America LLC

Italy and Aloe Vera

Italy and aloe has along relationship. A large variety of aloe products are present into the Italian market. In Italy, we may find many aloe products, from well known aloe juices to aloe cosmetics and aloe foods.

Across Italy, a wide variety of aloe shampoos, aloe conditioners, aloe body creams, aloe facial creams, aloe cosmetics and other aloe personal care products are offered at italian hypermarkets, supermarkets, pharmacies, herbal shops, foods stores, cosmetic stores, bars and cafeterias. Most aloe products are found in Italy today.

Aloe Production in Italy

Aloe is produced in Italy at a medium/small scale. There is some local aloe cultivation in Campania, Molise, Puglia and Sicily, mostly of aloe arborescens.

Some years ago, I visited small farms close to Valguarnera Carropepe, Piazza Armerina and Regalbuto in Enna province, Sicily, where aloe arborescens was grown.

I also have seen an aloe arborescens cultivation (medium size plantation) in a property while travelling by bus from Caltanisetta to Catania, Sicily, in a place called Ramacca. I have been told that other aloe plantations are located at Custonacci and Marsala in Trapani, near Palermo.

Most aloe plantations in Italy are of aloe arborescens variety. Most aloe plantations are located in the southern Italy, with the exception of a small plantation in Molisse. By the other side, the processing factories are located in the center and the northeastern part of Italy.

Even when there are some small companies involved in aloe business in Italy, we believe there are interesting investment opportunities for new aloe projects, starting from new aloe cultivation in southern part of Italy to new aloe processing industries across Italy.

The new opportunities are in the cultivation and processing of aloe vera (aloe barbadensis miller), not the variety aloe arborescens miller, since european regulations had severe impact on the products manufactured with such variety.

In the past years, Aloetrade America has sold aloe vera products in Italy -skin care, juices and marmalades- and has given technical assistance to italian entrepreneurs and individuals in small aloe projects. But now there are more opportunities in the production, manufacturing and marketing of aloe vera based products.

Aloetrade America has the know how and technology to assist Italian large firms, italian small and medium companies and individual investors wishing to enter into the aloe business in Italy.

From the preparation of a Business Plan to the transfer of know how for aloe plantations or aloe processing industries, we may offer complete packages to interested parties in Italy.

Actually, in times when Italy needs jobs and new investment, aloe projects are a good investment opportunity in Italy and Aloetrade America may be your partner in such business.

If you or your company wishes to develop a new aloe product or a new product with aloe in Italy, we are the right partner and may help with formulas and processes.

Please read our technical assistance and technology transfer services to invest in the aloe business in Italy.

If you have a business idea for Italy, a new product development in Italy where aloe is required or wish to enter the aloe industry in Italy, please contact with us sending a message with complete details to aloetrade (at) or visit our contact page.

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