Aloe for Burger Production

ALOE-FOR-BURGER™ – An aloe based novel ingredient to improve beef burger quality

Recent research evaluated the feasibility of using Aloe vera as a functional extender for improving the quality of meat burgers and extending their shelf-life during refrigerated storage.

One study investigates the effects of different concentrations of Aloe vera on the quality of beef burgers.

The research evaluates the changes in their cooking parameters, lipid oxidation, texture, and appeal to consumers, after 7 days of refrigerated storage.

Results indicate that aloe vera contributed to some extent to decreased cooking loss and diameter reduction in the burgers.

Increased concentrations of aloe vera led to improvements in the water absorption and texture of the burgers as well as their lipid stability.

Research shows that aloe vera added to burger improved overall quality in terms of reduced cooking loss, cooking shrinkage, fat absorption, and lipid oxidation while water holding capacity, moisture retention, and textural properties also improved.

Samples with these properties have a good quality for production of beef burgers.

With more than 25 years of experience in the Aloe business, Aloetrade America LLC now offer ALOE-FOR-BURGER™, an aloe based novel ingredient for the burger industry.

ALOE-FOR-BURGER™ is an aloe based formulation to improve quality in beef burger production. 

ALOE-FOR-BURGER™ is a novel ingredient for burger manufacturing companies, made from a natural resource, chemical free, totally green and sustainable ingredient.

ALOE-FOR-BURGER™ main properties

• Contributes to some extent to decreased cooking loss

• Reduces diameter reduction of burgers

• Improves water absorption and texture of the burger

• Improves lipid stability

• Act as a hydrocolloid and improves quality of burger

• Made from natural raw materials, no synthetic chemicals

• Made from renewable resources

Instructions for Use

ALOE-FOR-BURGER™ must be used in the burger mix, replacing water in the formulation. In case the burger production lines use texturized soy protein in the mix, ALOE-FOR-BURGER™ replaces it, not water.

Suggested Dosage

Best results are achieved using 3%-4% of ALOE-FOR-BURGER™ in the total mix.

Storage and Transport

Keep the product in a cool and dry place, away from sources of heat, direct fire or sources of ignition. DO NOT EXPOSE TO THE SUN.

Recommended storage temperature: 20º C.

PRODUCT PRESENTATION: Drum 55 gal (200 L) – IBC Tote of 1,000 L.

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