Agriculture Products - Post Harvest Solutions

Agriculture Products - Post Harvest Solutions

Aloetrade America LLC distributes several post harvest solutions for agriculture. We offer sustainable and green products to fresh produce growers, packers, distributors and supermarkets. We offer several solutions for fruits, vegetables, greens and microgreens. All these products were developed by Aloetrade America LLC in conjunction with Aloe Eco Park SAPI de CV, a sister mexican company which grows aloe and process aloe compounds, one of the main ingredients in these product lines. 

1. ALOECOAT 1-BIO - Edible Coating for Fresh Produce

The ALOECOAT 1-BIO line of products include several aloe based edible coatings for fruits and vegetables. ALOECOAT 1-BIO is based on purified extracts of aloe compounds, whose main benefits are:

• Extends product shelf life

• It has anti-bacterial and antifungal function

• It has easy adherence to fresh produce

• Reduces respiration rate and delay physiological changes

• Provides firmness to the product

We offer ALOECOAT 1-BIO for many fruits, vegetables, greens and microgreens.

Main attribute of this product line is the antibacterial and antifungal control. The product also extends shelf life in most cases, with variations on each fruit or vegetable.

Most formulas are for exclusive use in packing houses at the place of production of fresh produce.

We also offer a general formula for use in distributors´ warehouses and supermarkets to preserve fresh produce.

For more information visit the ALOECOAT 1-BIO specific page.