Victoria Aloe - Aloe leaves

Product Description


Brand: Victoria Aloe

Origin: Mexico

Organic Certification: by Oko Garantie, Germany

UPC: N / A

PLU: 93064 for organic aloe leaves - 3064 for conventional aloe leaves

Cases: Approx.25 lbs.

Taste: Vegetable characteristic of aloe. The aloe latex, aloe sap or yellow aloe exudate, present between the gel and the peel of the aloe leaf, has a very bitter taste.

Leaf Selection: We offer aloe leaves with firmness and without fungi. Medium to large aloe leaves, minimum 20-22 pieces per case.

Ethylene Production: No

Ethylene Sensitivity: No

Shelf life: 4 - 5 weeks

Availability: All year round

Storage temperature: 45-50 F

Conservation Humidity: 85--90%


Organic Certification

The aloe leaves of Victoria Aloe are certified organic, with certification issued by the company Oko Garantie from Germany. We have certification of the aloe leaves under the NOP-USDA system of the United States, European Union system, Canada-COR system and IFOAM system.


Logistic Information


We deliver at cold storage warehouses in the following locations:

1. Los Angeles, CA

2. MxAllen,TX

3. Houston, near IAH Airport for cargo to Europe and Middle East

Pallet configuration

Cases per level: 6

Number of levels: 9 or 10

Total cases per pallet: 54 or 60