Sustainable Coagulant for Water & Wastewater Treatment

Green and Sustainable Coagulant for Water & Wastewater Treatment



ALOECOAG™ 1-BIO is a new green and environmentally friendly aloe based product for use as coagulant in the treatment of the water and wastewater treatment at different industrial sectors, such as mining, oil & gas industries, petrochemical sector, power stations and water and wastewater sector. 

ALOECOAG™ 1-BIO was developed with the objective to offer a green and environmentally friendly product for the operations in those industries.

ALOECOAG™ 1-BIO is a combination of natural ingredients obtained from aloe plants. 

ALOECOAG™ 1-BIO is a coagulant made from natural cactus mucilage, natural quitosan and aloe vera compounds.

ALOECOAG™ 1-BIO is a totally non-toxic, non-hazardous, biodegradable and environmentally friendly product for those industries, because main component is from aloe, a natural plant cultivated in only a few countries. This is a real "green" and "eco friendly"option for the industries and a new opportunity to deliver clean water to the public.

Aloetrade America LLC distributes several sustainable and green products for oil, gas and petrochemical industries. All these products were developed by Aloetrade America LLC in conjunction with Aloe Eco Park SAPI de CV, a sister mexican company which grows aloe and process aloe compounds, one of the main ingredients in these product lines. The aloe obtained from all these plantations is then used to manufacture and obtain ALOECOAG™ 1-BIO.​



The polysaccharides of aloe and chitosan passed different test methods that demonstrate their coagulant function.

In different investigations, the results indicate that both aloe and chitosan have excellent coagulation effects, achieving an effective adsorption of the main heavy metals, including cadmium, copper, chromium, mercury, lead and arsenic. 

One research - Application of Natural Product (Aloe Vera) in Coagulation-Flocculation Procedures for Water treatability Study - describes aloe gel has shown good performance in all trials due to the great versatility of its composition, which helps both in the coagulation process as in the flocculation process. The aloe vera solution as a coagulant allowed a 40% reduction of aluminum sulphate in samples of high turbidity, achieving a removal of more than 95% of the turbidity. The practical application of aloe was studied by the Pontifical Bolivarian University of Bucaramanga, Colombia.

The study - Removal of Heavy Metals from Wastewater Using Chitosan - shows that the high porosity of this natural polymer confers excellent properties to trap ions of metals such as cadmium, copper, lead, uranium, chromium and mercury.

The report  Adsorption of Hexavalent Chromium from Aqueous Solutions by Aloe Vera Leaf demonstrates the good results for the adsorption of chromium when aloe vera is used.

By other side, the research Chitosan research as a coagulant during the treatment of oil production waters published by the University of Zulia, Venezuela, demonstrates the excellent results in the use of chitosan for the treatment of wastewater in the oil industry, with levels of Turbidity removal greater than 90%.

El estudio Aplicación de Aloe Vera en Procedimientos de Coagulación y Floculación para Tratamiento de Aguasofrece interesantes resultados sobre el uso del aloe para coagulación y floculación en aguas contaminadas.

The study Application of Aloe Vera in Coagulation and Flocculation Procedures for Water Treatment offers interesting results on the use of aloe for coagulation and flocculation in contaminated waters.

In conclusion, the biological treatment seems to be the most reliable method for the disposal of pollutants in many industries. Therefore, the aloe option is a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to treat the millions of gallons of waster water generated by the hydraulic fracturing job.


  •     Environmentally friendly product for the industries
  •     Green polysaccharide blend
  •     Coagulant properties to treat waste water
  •     Biobased product containing 99.5% material from natural resources
  •     Readily biodegradable
  •     Reduces environmental impact
  •     Coagulation effect of aloe and chitosan to high turbidity is excellent
  •     Product do not affect water reservoirs
  •     Suitable for use at high temperatures
  •     Especially designed for wastewater treatment at different industries 



ALOECOAG™ 1-BIO is a coagulant to be used for water and wastewater treatment at several industrial sectors. 


Appearance: liquid

Odor: Typically to Aloe

Color: amber light color


In coagulation operations, ALOECOAG™ 1-BIO used in conjunction with aluminum sulfate, a dosage of 14mg / l is suggested. But this dose is variable depending on the existing heavy metals. For a correct dosage, it is suggested to review the water analysis.

The product can be used in wastewater treatment, dirty water, process water or for purification of water. In coagulation operations, ALOECOAG™ 1-BIO can be used in conjunction with aluminum sulfate, ferric sulfate, ferric chloride or magnesium sulfate. In each case, different dosage levels are used. For more information, consult our Technical Department.

In those industries, ALOECOAG™ 1-BIO can be used in conjunction with other environment friendly aloe based products manufactured by Aloetrade America LLC. 


ALOECOAG™ 1-BIO is packaged in 55 gal/200 kg plastic drums and 1000 l plastic totes.






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