Green Products and Solutions for the Fracking Industry

Green Products and Solutions for the Fracking Industry

In recent years, the unconventional oil and gas industry has advanced significatively in various regions of the planet. Thus, it is very common to read news about shale gas and shale oil projects. Unconventional gas production is daily news in the main media in many countries due to the technologies and processes involved. Fracking or hydraulic fracturing is the key element in this model to obtain oil and gas.

Fracking is the propagation of fractures in sedimentary rock through the injection of a high pressure fluid. Induced hydraulic fracturing -usually called fracking- is a technique used to obtain oil -shale oil- and natural gas -shale gas-. Modern horizontal drilling fracking techniques began to be used in the Barnett field of Texas, USA for the extraction of shale gas in 1998. Thus, the energy generated by the injection of a high pressure hydraulic fracturing fluid generates new channels. and cracks in the rock, which allow for an increase in the extraction rate and a greater recovery of hydrocarbons.

From the point of view of advantages, fracking allows access to enormous amounts of hydrocarbons that could not be obtained in any other way, which in turn generates income not only for operators but for communities and governments, improving the supply and energy balance in countries where it is already used. The most relevant example of this situation is seen in the thousands of fracking wells developed in the formations known as Marcellus, Barnet and Bakken in the United States.

From the side of disadvantages, fracking generates various environmental problems, including air pollution by toxic gases emanating from the process and possible contamination of aquifers and underground rivers by polluting chemicals that are used in the process, everything which affects humans and the biodiversity of the regions where it is established on a diverse scale. It has also been pointed out that there are risks of smaller earthquakes or earthquakes, although this was not clearly demonstrated. For all these reasons, some countries have prohibited or suspended the use of fracking until new solutions to the problems appear.

In summary, the main challenge generated by the use of fracking in the unconventional oil and gas industry is an environmental one.

Solutions must come from new technologies and products that are sustainable and renewable. One solution for these problems is the use of environmentally friendly and sustainable products as fracking additives for the fluids.

At Aloetrade America LLC, we have researched and developed new green products for use in fracking. Our products are totally sustainable and renewable. Our aloe based products replace some highly hazardous synthetic chemicals and generate the same results, with some savings in dosage and less risk to personnel handling them. But fundamentally, they are green fracking additives. Green fracking fluids.

Our products are 100% natural and come from a renewable resource. Because they are aloe products or where aloe is the main component. Aloe is a plant that for millennia has provided health solutions for human beings, with products for both internal and external use. Furthermore, in the last decades, aloe started to be used in the animal kingdom -as food, nutritional supplements, veterinary and cosmetic products- and in the vegetable kingdom -basically in the form of fertilizers-.

Now, through technological innovations from Aloetrade America LLC, we are proud to present our aloe products for use in the unconventional oil and gas industry.

The new products include a corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor, biocide, gelling agent, friction reducer as additives for fracturing fluids, and a coagulant and a flocculant for flowback water treatment, all them manufactured from natural polymers. All products are formulations based on polysaccharides, enzimes and anthraquinones from aloe, nopal, moringa and chitosan. No harmful chemicals. No toxic to water. No toxic to people. Totally biodegradable. Totally safe for the industry with same results than the harmful chemicals. The only reason we call green products for the fracking industry.

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