Green Additive for Gasoline and Diesel

Green Additive for Gasoline and Diesel

Aloetrade America is in the final development phase of a new green additive for refined oil products, such as gasoline and diesel.

Our product is a plant based and environmentally friendly solution. This green additive is formulated as a specific additive to offer thre main functions

  • scale inhibitor
  • corrosion inhibitor
  • biocide 

All gasolines and diesel require different additives, and among them the additives to inhibite scale, corrosion and avoid bacteri are critical ones.

Our product is a formulation made from aloe polysaccharides, minerals, aminoacids and anthraquinones, which offer perfect solution to avoid corrosion, avoid scale and avoid bacteria.

Aloetrade America has been developing and manufacturing scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor and biocide in the last years, and products have been sold to oil and gas industry, in upstream, midstream and downstream operations.

Now, we have developed a new formula that combine such attributes, offering a green antiscalant, anticorrosion and biocide formulation, all in one. A new sustainable product for gasoline and diesel.

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