Green Products and Solutions for the Fracking Industry

In recent years, the unconventional oil and gas industry has advanced significatively in various regions of the planet. Thus, it is very common to read news about shale gas and shale oil projects. Unconventional gas production is daily news in the main media in many countries due to the technologies and processes involved. Fracking or hydraulic fracturing is the key element in this model to obtain oil and gas.

Green Products for Mining Industry

Green Products for Mining Industry

Mining industry is one of the largest industries on Earth. Actually, the mining industry is worth abouth USD 500 billion.

In the last years, the environment has been of the key issues on the mining industry agenda.

Actually, many mining companies are taking different kind of measures to reduce the envirnmental impact created by the industry. The use of green technologies and renewable resources are among the main actions taken by the mining companies to not harm the environment.

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