Green Products for the Oil and Gas Industry

Green Products for the Oil and Gas Industry

Green and sustainability are two words with enormous value within the oil and gas industry. The key issue is how to achieve such green and sustainable results. 

Corporate decisions and wishes to care the environment are the first step, but the real results are obtained when an energy company develops a sustainable strategy and take adequate decisions to improve and care the environment. One of the possible paths to achieve sustainable goals is to use green products and services in the majority of activities within the industry, be at upstream, midstream or downstream operations. From production to refining and transportation, there are many ways to implement green practices and use green products and services in the oil and gas industry. The fracking industry is an example where some environmental friendly actions might be taken, turning a criticized activity into a more green way to obtain oil and gas.

Aloe Sustainable Products for Mining Sector

Aloe Green and Sustainable Products for Mining Sector

Aloetrade America LLC manufactures and distributes aloe sustainable products for Mining Industry.

We offer plant based solutions -made with aloe and other natural extracts- to be used in the mining sector.  Our green and environmentally friendly products can be used at different processes in the mining industry, be in transportation systems, tanks, surface installations, pipes, boilers, heat exchangers, cooling towers, valves and other equipments used in the industry, mostly at gold mines, copper mines, zinc mines, silver mines and other mining projects, from extraction to refining and concentration processes, including waste water treatment areas.

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