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Green Fracking Fluids

Green Fracking Fluids

Aloetrade America LLC offers green, sustainable and biodegradable products for use in the fracking jobs.

Our additives for fracking are the following:

Aloe Sustainable Products for Fracking Industry

Aloe Green & Sustainable Products for the Fracking Industry -  Green Fracking  Gel & Fluids

Aloe Sustainable Products for Oil & Gas Industry

Aloe Green and Sustainable Products for Oil & Gas Industry and Petrochemical Sector

Aloetrade America LLC manufactures and distributes sustainable plant based products for Oil & Gas Industry, and the Petrochemical Sector.

We offer plant based solutions -made with aloe and other natural extracts- to be used in the oil & gas and petrochemical industries.  Our green and environmentally friendly products can be used at different areas into oil & gas industry, namely in upstream operations, midstream and downstream activities, as well as in petrochemical plants. Our green products can be used in geological formations, production and injection wells, oil & gas pipelines, tanks, surface installations, boilers, heat exchangers, cooling towers, valves, equipments and water pipelines, mud treatment and water and wastewater treatment, among others. 

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