Development of Aloe Products for Industries

Development of Aloe Products for Industries

Aloetrade America supplies aloe raw materials for product development in various industries, but this sourcing is complemented by our offering of industrial, technological and business support services.

This assistance in the product development process is carried out through the transfer of information and technical knowledge in industrial, technological, commercial and regulatory aspects for the manufacture of finished products where aloe is the main raw material or ingredient.

Aloetrade Technologies - R+D+I

In the aloe market, there are a diversity of areas where R & D has traditionally existed. In Aloetrade America we give priority to research and innovate new products based on aloe, to be used in various industrial sectors. Aloe can be used as a sustainable solution in different industrial processes that require improvements in environmental care. 

Besides to meet these green requirements, it also involves activities to develop new aloe products to reduce costs, improve profitability or raise productivity in other industries, such as animal nutrition,  fresh produce preservation or green additives for gasoline and diesel, for instance.

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