Aloetrade America LLC  is a right option for green oriented portfolios in the agriculture and oil & gas industry.

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Aloe Sustainable Products for Agriculture - Pre & Post Harvest

Aloe Green and Sustainable Products for Agriculture  - Pre Harvest & Post Harvest Solutions

Aloe Sustainable Products for Power Stations

Green and Sustainable Aloe based Products for use in Power Stations

Aloetrade America LLC manufactures and distributes aloe sustainable products for Power Stations and Electricity Generation Plants.

We offer plant based solutions -made with aloe and other natural extracts- to be used in power stations and electricity generation plants.  Our environmentally friendly products can be used at different areas into the power stations. Our green products can be used in tanks, surface installations, boilers, heat exchangers, cooling towers, valves, equipments and water pipes and wastewater treatment systems, among others. Some products are used as fertilizers in crops when waste water is used in agriculture projects. 

Aloetrade Services

Aloetrade America Services

Turn Key Projects 

Aloetrade America LLC offers the preparation of complete aloe vera turn key projects, both for agriculture projects and for industrial projects.

In agricultural projects, we help investors from the beginning of a project to the final completion phase when aloe vera plantations are established.  

In industrial projects, we offer services starting with the project design until the final completion of the processing plant. In some cases, when a customer intends to develop an Investment Project, and intend to buy the machinery, equipment, and technical assistance, we may prepare a complete package as a Turn Key Project which involves all such components. Otherwise, we may provide just the investment project alone -the Business Plan-, or the machinery sale. 

Aloetrade Technical Assistance 

Aloetrade America offer technical assistance to aloe growers and aloe processors, selling industrial intelligence through know how and technical asistance contracts, and through training materials.

Development of Investment Projects - Business Plans 

Aloetrade America develops Investment Projects (mainly as Feasibility Studies or Business Plans) to those companies or individuals interested in to start up aloe industrial facilities, to process the aloe leaves and transform them in aloe industrial products, be as raw materials or finished goods.

Agriculture Products - Post Harvest Solutions

Aloetrade America LLC distributes several post harvest solutions for agriculture. We offer sustainable and green products to fresh produce growers, packers, distributors and supermarkets. We offer several solutions for fruits, vegetables, greens and microgreens. 

Aloetrade America LLC - The Company

Welcome to Aloetrade America LLC - Aloe Vera Products

Aloe vera has been used for centuries for different internal and external uses in humans and animals. Today, aloe plants are one of the richest sources of health for humans, animals and plants, from mother nature.

Aloetrade America LLC is a leading company involved in the aloe business with activities and projects developed in North America, Central America and the Caribbean, South America, Africa, Central Asia, Europe, the Middle East and South Asia.

Aloetrade America LLC

Aloetrade America LLC is a provider of biotechnological solutions for the following sectors and industries.

We develop, produce and distribute aloe-based solutions for these industries through affiliated companies and subsidiaries located in Mexico.

Aloetrade America LLC is a supplier of aloe raw materials and finished aloe products, for wholesale distribution and to different industrial customers. Aloetrade America LLC is a raw material supplier of aloe vera juices, aloe vera gel, aloe concentrates, aloe powders and aloe formulations specially designed for many industrial sectors, from the nutraceutical, cosmeceutical, skin care and personal care sectors, to the pharmaceutical, oil & gas, water treatment, animal nutrition, veterinary, food and beverage, fresh produce and agricultural sector, among others. In each industry we offer an aloe product or an aloe based solution.

Aloetrade America LLC

Aloetrade America LLC also distributes aloe leaves, dietary aloe supplements, aloe cubes, aloe foods, aloe drinks, among others.

As a result of our experience in the aloe business, Aloetrade America LLC also offers technologies and technical assistance services to companies, organizations and individuals interested in investing in aloe cultivation, aloe production and processing.

Our main production and supply locations are located in several countries, basically Mexico, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Uruguay and Spain. Most aloe products are manufactured in Mexico and Argentina.

Our company is registered in the United States (Miami), with representative offices in Arizona (Tucson), Argentina (Buenos Aires) and Mexico (Navojoa).

In the aloe raw materials market, we are suppliers of bulk ingredients for industries that demand aloe, while for finished aloe products we only offer different aloe products to wholesalers and retailers.

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Aloetrade Technologies - R+D+I

In the aloe market, there are a diversity of areas where R & D has traditionally existed. In Aloetrade America we give priority to research and innovate new products based on aloe, to be used in various industrial sectors. Aloe can be used as a sustainable solution in different industrial processes that require improvements in environmental care. 

Besides to meet these green requirements, it also involves activities to develop new aloe products to reduce costs, improve profitability or raise productivity in other industries, such as animal nutrition,  fresh produce preservation or green additives for gasoline and diesel, for instance.

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