Development of Aloe Products for Industries

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Development of Aloe Products for Industries

Aloetrade America supplies aloe raw materials for product development in various industries, but this sourcing is complemented by our offering of industrial, technological and business support services.

This assistance in the product development process is carried out through the transfer of information and technical knowledge in industrial, technological, commercial and regulatory aspects for the manufacture of finished products where aloe is the main raw material or ingredient.

The assistance in the formulation and development of the product, comprises several stages, including the following:

  • definition of the product strategy for each novel product, including concepts such as base product, expanded product, brand, packaging and related logistics, among others

  • assistance in the selection of suppliers of ingredients and raw materials for the manufacture of the product

  • transfer of know-how and information relating to formulas and/or preparations

  • transfer of know-how and detailed information on each stage of the industrial manufacturing process of the product

  • assistance for the incorporation of the industrial process to programs of Good Manufacturing Practices, when applicable

  • information on requirements for adaptation to current national and international regulations for products containing aloe

  • assistance in testing the product prior to its launch

  • assistance and commercial cooperation for the launch of the product to the market


We offer aloe and product development assistance in the following industries:

1. Aloe for Food Industry Products

  • Frozen salads

  • Aloe desserts

  • Aloe cakes and pies

  • Aloe jellies

  • Dairy products, including aloe milk, aloe cheeses, aloe yogurts

  • Salt with aloe

  • Aloe candies, sweets and treats

  • Baked goods with aloe

  • Savory Baked Goods with Aloe

  • Sweet and salty aloe cookies

  • Aloe flavored teas

  • Green tea with aloe

  • Mate drinks with aloe

  • Aloe jams

  • Aloe jellies

  • Aloe soups and stews

  • Aloe ice creams and ice creams

  • Aloe compotes

  • Aloe fillets in juice

  • Aloe fruit cocktail


2. Aloe for Animal Nutrition products


3. Aloe for Veterinary Industry products


4. Aloe for the Textile, Clothing and Mattress Manufacturing Industry


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